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RESPECT. Movie Review: ‘The Boss’ Featuring Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy‘s character in The Boss is essentially Presidential candidate-era Trump, in a dress. In the age of feminism and anti-bullying,The Boss is over the top and her degrading character can be a bit MUCH. McCarthy portrays Michelle Darnell and the story line centers around a rich to penniless scenario that normally an audience would feel sympathy for.

L'intervista al modello "Brawn", Zach Miko

Zach Miko, il primo modello Curvy. Essere sexy e sicuri di sé non dipende dalla taglia, ma guai a chiamarlo Plus-Size. Se le modelle plus-size hanno molto di che festeggiare da qualche anno a questa parte, gli uomini sono invece rimasti silenziosamente indietro. Ma la leggendaria agenzia IMG Models ha creato un precedente con la prima sezione plus-size per uomini.

Clementine Desseaux

On December 9th, the French luxury footwear and fashion line known for incorporating its shiny red-lacquered soles, posted a video to its Instagram account featuring, French born curvy model, Clementine Desseaux and it made international news. This is history-making news for curvy girls all over the world who believe their curves are now being represented on a larger scale.

With a Hit on Hulu and Now a Nike Megastore, Is East L.A. Getting Hot? (VIDEO)

The scent of fresh-baked bread from Sonora Bakery fills the morning air at the corner of Whittier Boulevard and McDonnell Avenue, not far from the massive freeway interchange that marks East Los Angeles. Well-kept mom-and-pop stores like Wenger Furniture, Appliances and Electronics and Whittier Craft dot this stretch, marked by an archway proclaiming "Whittier Boulevard East Los Angeles."
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Ashley Graham Lingerie Collection alla NYFW

After sitting in the audience of fashion shows this week with clothes that I could never wear because they were only made in sizes up to an 8, it was refreshing watching the Ashley Graham lingerie line show. As a woman of a certain size, those garments allow me to see myself in the clothes. The collection includes wonderful pleated and empire dresses as well as fitted pencil skirts with lots of lace and foiled column designs.

The BET Experience Celebrated Black Culture on a Massive Scale

Hundreds of thousands of people, young and middle-aged, make their yearly trek to Los Angeles each June for the BET Experience and BET Awards. Now in their 15th year, the BET Awards are still one of the premier music award shows in the United States, with a viewership of 8 million. Located at the Staples Center, L.A.
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Naomi Campbell: From Ripping the Runway to Producing TV Shows

Yes, Naomi Campbell is starring in a new reality series about finding new models, The Face, on Oxygen, which premiered last week. Yes, she’s known to be a pure b-word walking. And yes, most certainly yes, she can still strut any of those modern day supermodels out of their panties on a runway. Campbell has also done very well for herself in the business world.
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The Automotive Industry Decoded: How 6 Brands Are Doing Post Bailout

General Motors, Ford and Chrysler — known as the Big Three — have endured some rough times before, but nothing like the situation they faced in the fall of 2008; the first black president was elected and their chief executives were pleading with Washington for help. Ford had saved for the hard times, but General Motors and Chrysler both ended up filing for bankruptcy after receiving around $80 billion in government aid.
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On Trial: Inside The Kwame Kilpatrick Case ( Blog #5 )

This week in other Detroit sex scandal news, the chief of police, Ralph Godbee is expected to give his resignation to Mayor Dave Bing after an affair with a female officer went public on twitter. Both officers are married and had been involved in sexual relations for months. After tweeting an image of herself giving a blow job to a gun, Officer Angelica Robinson quickly became the scorned other woman, outing their relationship to the world.

Fashion without limits

Con l’aiuto di bloggers quali The Curvy Fashionista e Gabifresh, le ragazze curvy sono ora in grado di acquistare capi di designer che creano pensando ad una musa curvilinea. Ma chi insegna a questi giovani stilisti emergenti a continuare a coltivare e crescere questa nicchia del mercato della moda?

Liris Crosse

Pioniera nel settore e soprannominata “The Body”, Liris Crosse è di origini umili e proviene da Baltimora, nello stato del Maryland. Quel suo fisico statuario, gli occhi da gatta, le labbra carnose e l’incarnato color caramello le hanno aperto le porte di molte agenzie di modelle ma il suo prorompente lato B sembrava essere la causa della mancanza di ingaggi.

Ashley Nell Tipton

Ashley Nell Tipton, vincitrice dell’edizione 14 di Project Runway, cresce a San Diego, in California dove sviluppa sin da bambina la passione per la moda. Impara a cucire con la macchina da cucire della nonna alla tenera età di soli sette anni. La scorsa primavera, Tipton ha avuto l’opportunità di fare domanda per partecipare al concorso Project Runway di Lifetime e durante le riprese ha vinto due sfide diventando la beniamina dei fan con le sue creazioni Plus-Size presentate durante la Settimana della Moda di New York.


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